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Equipment Available

Air Flow Equipment, Inc.
Custom, packaged, stacked, and sectionalized air handlers with capacities over 150,000 cfm are available. Standard modular and custom modular air handling units, tube, or tongue and groove construction are all available. Various control options can be completed at Air Flow ready for field startup. The equipment is structured to fit most any design. Capabilities include:

• Optional 4" Wall Construction • Fully Assembled • Fully Piped

• Fully Wired

AMBI-RAD (Advanced Radiant Systems, Inc.)
Ambi-Rad offers the highest-quality infrared radiant, environmentally friendly, energy-, and cost efficient heating systems. They are available as straight tubes, U-tube, and continuous tube (herringbone), with or without vacuum fans. Options include:


• Stainless Steel or White Paint Finish
• Totally Enclosed Stainless Steel Fan Motor
• Burner Control Housing
• Fresh Air Intake
• Stainless Steel Tubes
• Zone Control & Others


Electric Heating Products:

• Aztec™ Radiant Ceiling Panels
• Catpleetars™
• Washdown & Explosion-Proof Heaters
• Radiant Heaters
• Baseboard Heaters
• Ceiling Heaters
• Convector Heaters
• Portable Heaters
• Radiant Heaters
• Specialty Heaters
• Unit Heaters
• Wall Heaters
• Thermostat Controls

• Commercial Ceiling Fans
• Commercial & Residential Bath Fans
• Decorative Ceiling Fans
• Air Circulators
• Air Curtains
• Portable Fans & Blowers
• Whole House Fans
• Exhaust Fans
• In-Line Vents


C&R Duct
Round spiral duct, rectangular duct, and custom-fitted duct, pipe, and fittings are available. Materials include galvanized, paint grip, PVC-coated, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Curbs Plus
Vibration isolation curbs are available to adapt new rooftop units to existing rooftop curbs. Other products include:

• Pre-Fabricated, Equipment-Based Curbs
• Pre-Fabricated Expansion Joint Systems
• Flashlining All Pipe Penetration
• Pre-Fabricated Seismic/Wind
  Load-Rated Equipment Base
• Pipe Rails, Stands & Supports
• Insulated Metal Building Curbs for
  Standing Seam or Rib Roof Panel
• Fan/Duct Roof Curbs
• Supporting Roof Mount


Common Configurations Include:

• Round Tube & Plate Fin (RTPF) Coils
• Aluminum MicroChannel (ALMC) Coils
• Replacement & Industrial Coils
• Condenser Coils
• Evaporator Coils
• Microchannel Coils
• Run-around Loop Coils
• Energy Recovery Coils
• Heat-Pipe
• Steam Coils
• Water Coils
• Tube Bundles


KE Fibertec
Textile ventilation systems (also known as fabric duct or duct socks) offer draft-free air distribution.  Stock or custom colors of duct are available in round, half-round, and quarter-round shapes. Air distribution principles include:

• KE-Low Impulse • KE-Interior • KE-Direjet Systems  • KE-Inject


MK Plastics
High-plume dilution fans are used to extract laboratory, process, or fume hood effluent air. They are AMCA-certified for both air and sound. Venturi Perchloric Acid Exhaust Systems control fire and explosion hazards associated with perchloric acid. Mist eliminators separate liquid droplets from exhaust or vapor flow. We also offer fully welded plenums in FRP, stainless, and finished steel, as well as centrifugal fans and blowers, inline and axial fans, and FRP and PVC dampers and shutters.

Nailor Industries, Inc.
• Manual & Motorized Dampers
• Underfloor Air Distribution
• Laminar Flow & Displacement Diffusers
• Electric Duct Heaters  
• Fire Dampers
• Fire-Smoke Dampers
• Smoke Dampers
• Swirl Diffusers
• Air Terminal Units
• Fan Coil Units
• Registers
• Grilles
• Diffusers
• Louvers

Engineered Comfort
We offer EPIC/ECM fan technology. The motor and blower combination will save 67% of fan energy at typical set points. Fan coil units are also available.

Thermal Corp
Air Handling Units: Custom, central plant, roof top, CPE, fan coil and heat wheel units, Double wall AHUs and coils.
Klean Aire
Custom filter housing: HEPA, Flat/Standard, Vee/Carbon
Engineered Acoustics
Dissapative, circular, rectangular and custom duct silencers for any application.
Advanced Air
Fire Dampers, Fan Coil Units, Chilled Beams, VAV, Low Leakage Dampers, fire/smoke dampers,
Rapid Engineering, Inc.
HVAC systems in sizes ranging from 3,000 to 150,000 CFM. Designs and manufactures: direct-fired, indirect fired, electric and steam/hot water HVAC systems. HVAC equipment: air turnover, unit heaters and infrared heating equipment. Industrial process and finishing systems: pre-treatment stations, dry-off and cure ovens, custom washers, custom ovens and custom finishing equipment from Rapid's Industrial Finishing Group.
Semco, Inc.
Acoustical products: acoustical panels and silencers for HVAC, highway and cooling tower barriers, equipment barriers, production lines, paint facilities, sports facilities, airports, etc. Duct Products: Spiral, rolled, round and oval duct products for commercial, architectural and industrial HVAC applications. Energy Recovery Products: desiccant-based products to recover energy, increase ventilation and control humidity including FV series, EP series, VS series, Pinnacle series, TE-3 and TS Wheels and OEM Products, Total Enthalpy, Sensible, and Passive Wheels. 3 Angstrom Desiccant. 3A Enthalpy Wheel and Fume Hood Exhaust for dry and wet labs. Chilled Beams: passive and active beams. Closed loop glycol coils with pump and control packages.
Twin City Fans
Commercial and industrial fans including centrifugal fans and blowers, axial fans, and power roof ventilators. Commercial: ventilation fans for retail and office buildings, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and government buildings. Industrial: air and material handling, air cleaning, ventilation, cooling, heating, combustion air supply, filtration and drying systems, fume hoods, spray-paint booths, and exhaust systems.
Noise Control: HVAC silencers, industrial silencers, curbs, plenums, enclosures & barriers, floating floors, acoustic louvers; Vibration Isolation: floor mounted isolators, isolation hangers, bases, curbs; Restraint Systems: ducts & pipes, electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, restraint products; Air Handling; Air Distribution.

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